Tours to Namibia are held every second year. We explore extraordinary places that the general public usually don't, in search of gem and minerals to cut, photograph and learn about.

The tour to Namibia is organized by FOSAGAMS. All members of each club under the FOSAGAMS umbrella are invited to join us on our tours.

Tours are a great way for people to get away, socialize and most importantly enjoy the common shared interest of gems and minerals and the activities involved around collecting and learning about them.

Any Information pertaining to our tours held every two years can be found in the newsletters released through the year. A report on these outings is recorded in the SAGM


Outings are organised by the clubs themselves at any time of the year. These outings are local to the clubs and are open to any member of the public to join. They are usually held on weekends unless otherwise specified.

The outings are a great way of exploring the local places of interest for gem and mineral enthusiasts. Places that are visited are usually paces that involve the learning about and exploring of the world of gem and minerals.

You can find the information pertaining to these outings in club newsletters which are released throughout the year.

2021 TOUR!

15th TOUR 2021

Namibia & Northern Cape

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